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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jim hawk to longtime aides to Environmental Protection Agency administrators, Scott Pruitt are reportedly leaving NPR's. Peter Overby says both became entangled and Pruitt's ethics problems. Millan hop was in the news earlier this week as the aide who at Pruitt to request tried to locate used mattresses at President Trump's DC hotel. So Pruitt could buy one up also apartment headed for the Pruitt's officially she's director of scheduling and advance. Pruitt office bent the rules to give her a thirty three percent raise along with a fifty three percent hike for his senior counsel. Sarah Greenwald Pruitt later told Fox News. He rescinded the raises both staffers came to DC as part of a team of young Pruitt loyalists most from his time as Oklahoma attorney general for other top aides to Pruitt have left in recent months. EPA didn't respond to NPR's request for comment. Peter Overby NPR news, Washington election. Officials in Los Angeles are facing tough questions after California's primary election for member station KPCC. Mary Plummer says a printing error caused over one hundred thousand names to be left off the voter, rolls county home to more than five million registered voters ran into significant problems during Tuesday's voting the top election official for LA faced a barrage of questions from the county board of supervisors who recounted numerous reports from voters, supervisor, Catherine Berger said her office was bombarded with complaints, and that voters became so angry when their names were missing from the roles that are riot almost broke out. We had calls of streets or the entire street was left off. The problem was due to a printing error that omitted thousands of registered voters from the voter, rolls officials instructed poll workers to issue provisional ballots after the problem was discovered for NPR news. I'm Mary Plummer in Los Angeles. The secretary of health and human services is warning parents. Thinking of entering the. US without documents that they could still be separated from their children at a hearing on Capitol Hill. Alex azar is defending the new strategy of separating unauthorized immigrants from their children. The best advice have is actually present yourself at a legal border crossing and make your case cross illegally and get arrested, and your children will be given to us. That's that's. That's the simple fact. I'm afraid democratic Senator, Jeff Merkley of Oregon was recently denied permission to visit a facility in Texas where migrant children were being held in a victory for sanctuary cities. A federal judge ruled Wednesday that the Trump administration cannot cut off grants to Philadelphia. Over the way the city deals with immigrants in the country illegally, the judge ruled, the conditions, the federal government placed on the city in order to receive the funding are unconstitutional arbitrary and capricious. Philadelphia has said it will turn over emigrants to immigration and customs enforcement only if the agency has a warrant signed by judge. This is NPR news. The Trump administration's federal commission on school safety held its first listening session, Wednesday, NPR's Brockton Booker reports at came a day after the chair of the commission, education secretary, Betsy DeVos said it would not look into the role of guns in school violence Montgomery County, Maryland high school student Alexia majority says guns are the reason why schools are not safe. I would ask to, please consider the possibilities that guns are the most important aspect of the purview of this commission. She had a message for the commission heavily reconsider their current complicit stance on the role of guns in school safety cheer woman, Betsy DeVos has been criticized for telling a Senate subcommittee on Tuesday that considering guns was not part of the Commission's charge per se. Device was not ethelson accession, but an education department official at the event said, among other things, it would consider minimum age limits for certain kinds of weapons purchases Braxton Booker in. NPR news, Washington emergency crews are pulling more bodies from what remains villages devastated by the eruption of Guatemala's. Most active volcano. The official death toll which was increased. Ninety nine on Wednesday was expected to rise with at least one hundred ninety seven people listed as missing the first tropical storm of the eastern Pacific hurricane season formed well off the coast of Mexico on Wednesday. But forecasters said it's not a threat to land the National Hurricane Center named at tropical storm Aletta saying and had maximum sustained winds of fifty miles an hour and was moving west at seven miles an hour. I'm Jim hawk NPR news in Washington support for this NPR podcast, and the following message come from Comcast business from their fast, reliable internet on their advanced gig speed network to their twenty four, seven support. Comcast business is committed to helping power businesses every day, visit Comcast, business dot com to learn more.

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