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Answer i would go to the park at like seven thirty in the morning and my friend dennis and play basketball whatever and just like work up a sweat shit then we come back to his house and he would always pour me a glass of pepsi and i would drink this shit out of it like they're not gonna turn on but i also like it'd be sick if we had like some poland spring rate eatery to gatorade was clutch yeah gatorade like i won't drink when i'm thirsty either sugar and it makes me one of aunt yeah you're not really into like sugary drinks no hot summer day though i'll bust the gatorade back i'll drink a gatorade too but like it's not like you're not you know first thing you're playing sports like i need water like don't get me a caterer of you know what i mean and don't get me less than summer super hot that bullshit gatorade like gatorade rain frost where it's like oh we filled this up halfway of gatorade and then just poured water and it's also like medicine i don't want this gross at fuck out of here with this dimetapp shit these have like a mango one a mango fucking gatorade rain gatorade nah fuck gatorade rain that she was trash yeah what's the what's a gatorade frost i don't know i don't know like glacier freeze was as your freezer it was like one player did you ever have any friends like summer friends.

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