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You it says that the prime minister's decision to dispatch the business actually greg clark to make the case for her customs partnership yesterday appear to be part of a coordinated push by proeuropean tories and business leaders number ten's dismiss that as nonsense and unnamed alive theresa may's quoted as saying her team will be working flat out to persuade cabinet doubters of the merits of plan in a leader detoro daily mail's these things differed lip points out that theresa may made it clear and her son on sunday article that she will pull britain out of the customs union is just greg clark was working in cahoots with a europhiles cbi to throw doubt on her resolve and revive project fear time says the determination of brussels to take a tough line on brexit is influenced by fears of a future labour government led by jeremy corbyn the paper says it's spoken to senior european officials have expressed concern that labor could approve state subsidies the key industries giving britain an unfair competitive advantage a travesty of democratic practices he purports to embrace his how the daily telegraph characterizes the election in march returned ladimir putin to office editorial points out that mr putin is going to be inaugurated as russia's president today we'll come close to matching stalin's many years in power he sees out what his his fourth term the guardian has an interview with stormy daniels this lawyer michael nasty who says evidence of wrongdoing full stunned trump out of the white house before twenty twenty he says he doesn't know how the president will spin his departure but he firmly believes he would survived the balance of his term in office stormy daniels claims she had a sexual encounter with mr trump before he became president he denies it and alan shearer's among sporting figures sending that best to ceramics ferguson remains in intensive care suffering that brain hemorrhage the former england captain says reineck was a fearsome competitor come up against a made the premier league what it is i mean is this warning vladimir putin is about to be inaugurated today as russia's president for the fourth time the time is eleven minutes to seven time for the puzzle for today it's been set by bobby segalla school mass teach and cambridge university doctorate student here it is to celebrate.

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