Cooper, New York Giants and New York Mets discussed on TV Confidential


In cooper and the excellent amazon prime drama sneaky pete you'll stay tuned for that in the meantime this sunday may six marks the eighty seventh birthday of the say hey kid willoughby's willie mays the hall of fame major league baseball center fielder who began his career with the new york giants in thousand nine fifty one where he roams centerfield an historic polo grounds before moving west when the giants moved to san francisco in nineteen fifty eight where he spent the next thirteen years for the san francisco giants before ending his career with the new york mets in nineteen seventy three in the new york mets also won the national league pennant in one thousand nine hundred seventy three will the polo grounds in new york closed for good at the end of the nineteen sixty three major league baseball season you're right recall that back in two thousand thirteen our friend phil grace put together a series of programs for the sounds of loss television that not only include highlights from the final year baseball grounds in nineteen sixty three but also i pay tribute to longtime met television announcer.

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