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News from outside our world it is unworthy to the red planet for a robot geologists nassar's newest mars explorers moved out of earth orbit and zooming toward the red planet after a smooth launch from california the atlas rocket put the mars insight lander into a temporary orbit around earth than an hour later the upper stage fired and put the spacecraft on a direct path toward mars cbs news space consultant bill harwood goal is really to learn more about how terrestrial world these rocky worlds like mercury venus earth and mars formed at the beginning of the solar system four and a half billion years ago it'll take the spacecraft more than six months to get their sam litzinger cbs news prince william and his wife kate have released a couple of pictures documenting the early days of britain's newest prince two photos include one of prince louis alone one of them being cuddled by three year old big sister princess charlotte palace statement said the royal couple of one at thank the public for all the kind messages tom foty cbs news it's eleven oh five at the bay area's news station kcbs partly to mostly cloudy overnight sunny tomorrow after morning clouds and some patchy fog good evening i'm peter finch here's what's happening fifteen hundred residents of hawaii's big island have been evacuated they faced the threat of lava and dangerous gas in their neighborhood with the latest eruption from the killer way of volcano so far five homes have been destroyed and leilani estates eight fishers of opened up in the residential areas since they started to form thursday each measuring several hundred yards long hawaii news now reporter ben gutierrez is in an evacuation center just two miles from leyland states if you're worried about what the little waikiki those places completely different.

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