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All of the conversation wrapped around gun violence gun safety wisconsin of course in acting a hundred million dollars of funding in the form of grants for schools to be more safe to harden those sites against mass shooters or acts of violence there's a technology it's been around for a while it's called smart gun technology and the big question is if we're in favor of god's all guns gun rights advocates why are we so against smart gun technology and i can remember conversation i had with he's he's now dead but the mayor of san francisco ed lee died too young in washington dc at the us conference of mayors meeting and we're talking about smartphone technology at the time he was proposing that the city of san francisco police department would have been the first in the nation to try to use smart gun technology and there's a couple of things have gotten the way of that including some law enforcement that say hold on a second here we want to carefully consider that which which is what you would expect so the real question for me is if we have smart gun technology or at least some people some gun owners maybe a mom with kids or dad who has kids or parents if you could buy a gun at a smart gun technology only the parents could fire why would we not have that segment of the of the consumer market for firearms be served and what we've seen from some of my gun manufacturers is they haven't been willing to take that step that next step i can go to a gander mountain or one of those types of stores and buy a smart technology storage been or locker or munition for firearms that already exists already sold everywhere but when a.

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