Peter King on decision to leave MMQB; NFL draft fallout


Working on scattered outages as well from last week's windstorm news time seven thirty three here's steve courtney sports all rich and not a very good performance by the tigers in kansas city yesterday they wrap up the fourgame series as a matter of fact that skipper ron gardenhire referred to it as ridiculous anyway the royals get a four two win kansas city wins a series for the first time in eleven tries this season matthew boyd fourrun six hits in seven innings of work tigers in texas to kick off the first of three eight oh five tonight michael fulmer on the hill for the tigers he's wanting to two point eight zero the era nba postseason the warriors now with a stranglehold on their series with the pelicans golden state gets a one eighteen ninety two win yesterday golden state up three one there the rockets ditto they beat the utah jazz one hundred eighty seven in utah houston up there now three games to one chris paul by the way twenty seven points sanli cup playoffs the lightning advance again they beat the bruins three one they will face the capitals or penguins caps up in that series three to western conference had the golden knights of vegas shutting out the sharks three nothing marc andre fleury twenty eight saves four shutout of the postseason vegas advances at a conference final as an expansion team no less face either winnipeg or nashville the jets lead that series three games to two and justifies victory in saturday's kentucky derby was worth one point four three two million to the horse's owners and nearly as much to one texas woman who picked five straight winners in races eight through twelve at churchill downs the woman from austin texas one one point two million dollars whether eighteen dollar pick five bet steve courtney wjr sports traffic and weather first on the fives with dc straight ahead this michigan opera theatre presents the the summer came this story of negro leagues baseball legend josh gibson considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time his historic journey is told of talent heartbreak and overcoming prejudice and discrimination featuring the michigan opera theatre orchestra and chorus may twelfth through the twentieth at the detroit opera house tickets and information at michigan opera dot org a possible by general motors.

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