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Man. That was a good conversation. Tommy you guys are you're building such a nice report with one another, you know wondering what it what it looks like when you guys are hanging out after the show and whatnot, give us a taste of what it's like when you're going to into the his office and hanging out with him and his staff. Well, I'll be honest with you. It's almost kind of like being online to see the dawn, you know, you gotta wait in the reception area and you know he's a busy guy. You know, when you come back into the district, you know you've got a lot of lot of hands to shake lot of babies to kiss and so on so forth. And I mean, that's why appreciate that. He is always willing to make the time you know, talk to our audience and I think that you know, our listeners should should understand. You know, you know, it takes a lot to get a congressman to stick their neck out and take a strong position on an issue, much less common talk directly to that audience. So we really appreciate Rokon always being. Being open receptive to talking to our audience, but he always makes the time he always, you know, gives us his full attention and that's, that's what's really appreciated. I mean, look, you know, when a politician's trying to politician you run on do that. You know he, he's a scholar. He's an intellectual and does not mind, you know, doesn't mind sharing his opinions with folks. I mean, he's coming at it. If you listen to our last episode, you know he's got a a family history of this. I mean, this is part of his DNA in part of his blood in terms of being a leader in a visionary. And so you know, it's really great to see him blossom as young congressman and really keep the issue of drug policy reform in the front of the country's business. So we really appreciate it. And we were appreciated you for taking the time to listen to drugs and stuff. And more importantly, for those who've already subscribed, we love you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you for continuing to hang with us in. Can you to listen to drugs and stuff and continue to be interested and active and drug policy reform? If you haven't subscribed already, please do go ahead and hit that subscribe button. We like a nice, five star review. That always makes us feel good about ourselves and moose up the rankings a little bit. So if you like what you heard, let folks know. And as always he got engaged with us on Twitter, you don't got, but we would like to because we want to hear what you thinking. You know, we want to hear about, you know your thoughts on this interview. What what did you think that ro Khanna but drug policy in general, what do you want to hear us talk about? Who should we be talking to hit us up on Twitter? You know, not just slide into the DMZ. Go ahead and at us, we're not scared Derek. Can they get us? They could find us at drugs and stuff DP that's drugs the letter N stuff DPA and yeah, keep an eye out for more episodes to come just like RoH Kana or always looking ahead or focus on the future where you know we're looking to see what you guys are interested in. It's been fun building this. We're going to this summer. We're going to be coming up on one year of this already, and we've got a lot of a lot of exciting things to look forward to. All right, nothing but love nothing but love and speaking of which drugs and stuff audience. We love you and come back soon. We've got a couple of other episodes that are coming out really soon and great conversations going forward. So we hope you'll continue to rock with us and stay with us. All right. That's it for the day. Thank you again for joining us at drugs and stuff, Derek stay classy. Charleston stuff is brought to you by the drug policy alliance. If you like, what you hear in the podcast favorite rate, the show on I tunes gave it five stars and a nice review. Also, we'd love to hear from you, tweeted us at drugs and stuff. DPA use the hashtag drugs and stuff and check out our website, drug policy dot org to see the other work me do Santa for emails and donate special. Thanks to our producer, Katherine Heller and the hardworking staff of the drug policy alliance for all of their work. Thanks for listening.

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