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Submarine game is heating up and that means we're going back to an old cold war base i'll tell you about that right of this it is a dark secret place brian sits in here on till midnight kfi am six forty more stimulating talk michael should pay with the news a baby has been killed in a dog mauling in sherman oaks authorities say the attack happened this afternoon inside a home on benefit street the infant described as being almost four months old no details given about how the attack happened or if the dog was a family pet the so though animal control has taken three dogs inside the home at the time of the attack into custody while authorities tried to figure out which dog attack the child man has been killed after crashing his car into a light pole near the whittier narrows recreation area chp says that a silver honda crashed into the poll on rosemead boulevard near the sixty on ramp earlier this afternoon the driver died at the scene traffic was effective for a time because of that crash investigation to miners have been rescued another has been spotted four others are still missing in a mine in poland after a small earthquake manner about three thousand feet underground a coal mine official says over two hundred rescuers are digging through the rubble to find the missing miners the two that were rescued have been taken to the hospital there in stable condition three point four magnitude quake was also felt on the surface and shook some houses nearby a woman in florida has been bugged out by visitor katie woke up with a strange feeling in her ear she inspected it with acute zip when she pulled it out she saw two little black lines legs she says she knew right away it was a cockroach after some unsuccessful attempts debugging she went to the hospital the doctor got tweezers and started extracting the little guy they thought it was all out but nine days later her ear still didn't feel right back at the hospital the doctor found more bug in her ear dead this time he pulled out a head and upper torso national geographic says bugs crawling into years is actually more common than you think especially in the tropics julius later kfi news a.

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