Former 49er Dwight Clark dies from ALS at 61


And we'll get back to basketball here in a minute but this is just man this is from dwight clark's wife kelly clark heartbroken and tell you that today i lost my best friend and husband he has passed peacefully surrendered by many of the people he loved most them thank bullfrog dwight's friends teammates and forty niner fans who have sent their love during his battle with l s that's a tough one that's a tough one a chance to know dwight over the last few years to a some golf tournaments marino and just really love the guy just was just genuine genuine guy dry sense of humor in everyone's gonna remember moran here obviously for what he did with the forty niners and the catch but god just this is super cool guy and i'm really glad to got a chance to to spend a little bit of time with him over the last few years and this thing happened fast li you know i thought it'd be one of those things where you get a little worse for a little worse here and then may be still you know still around for low wild but is a couple years ago where the golf tournament together and i didn't even know we had l s but i remember him the way swing the golf club and he couldn't hold it with his left hand he just kind of put his left hand on the club and swung the club and i thought guys not the kind of grip you would teach found out why because he couldn't couldn't grip with his left hand it didn't have the strength to grip with his left hand and then i found out later that summer that he had ls but you know he was on this show many many times we had dwight clark show four five years ago for a year and he was just a blast to have on super funny spoke his mind and it was just super cool to to have him on so this is this is this tough it's tough when you lose people that especially when you grow up both for those of you that grew up in the area and watch the nine were huge niner fans and just love the eighties niners i didn't really know i mean i knew the eighties niners but i was in southern california so i wasn't it's connected with them as a lot of people out there and i'm sure you just remember that team in him and joe and those guys get in this whole thing turned around and you know that that when you talk about the niner history that's not where it started but in sense it kinda kinda is when you when you think of that team and that that staff and those players and he was certainly a big part of that so do i love him a lot of people around here are gonna miss you a lot of fans are gonna gonna miss you and to kelly i'm glad you're surrounded by a lot of a lot of good people that are up there and i'm sure that made it easier for hopefully it's making it easier for you as best as can be and you know hopefully when dwight passed away was peaceful knowing that is surrounded by people that loved him and around his friends

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