Benedict Cumberbatch Saved a Man from Muggers


You don't have to worry about them lists new york so smaller town in new york state that's different the suburbs that's then that's like a fourth of the price i'm sure he can get a space by himself for five hundred bucks a month so here's my point though right you don't have to go airbnb you start living but anyway there's there's those they're going to have papers exclusive to that small town he's the superstar there other it's notorious or not and the wife to be is saying i don't know about this we'll do it but you know yes crazy and i'm going to have a kid should you change the diaper like these indecision cz now we're going to now this has become the soap opera in the newspaper a story came out back in the van bor benedict cumberbatch she's huge now for playing doctor strange sof four people beating up somebody on a bike beating them up to rob him jumped out of the o'byrne and save the day yeah wow how'd you do that with four people beating up on someone when you hear something like time benedict cumberbatch you wonder like okay this this even happened but then that it happened in november and happen to leak out you believe more than i hear the wife was also in the uber and to me i'm like oh okay then then you have to jump out to your wife will remember that forever i think a lot of wives or maybe fifty fifty would be like why did you have to jump out there for people and i married to you you know what i mean like why are you putting yourself in such great danger without even thinking about it i wouldn't trust your words a jump out i can't believe that i mean i would jump out with you if you're jumping out i'm not gonna let you attack for people by yourself i would knock you out as a favor but only a few after you witnessed my bravery you're kind of prick this hero shit lots happening.

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