Trump says NKorea summit is back on after receiving letter


But i don't know that that's where younger voters are and i understand that there is you know that there is a need to have some version and i also think he carries for better or for worse than strangely the baggage of the obama administration so the baggage you know i don't know people people attach all kinds of things to you know we didn't do we didn't do a bomb care perfectly at first and then it's been dismantled and if we had done it well before if we'd had single payer if we'd had no there's always we can't get pissed that that's what i think them were beyond hope we close to be on so close i mean we're talking about this one to my mind just had the most qualified candidate you could ever possibly want in hillary clinton and sh again margalla they'll start hating they'll make joe biden hate machines are bigger than the the this pretend clinton hate michelle the fact that the clintons are completely marginalized now it seems it's just insanity that's take anything we can learn from any wise people any and get rid of the idea that joe biden could not would would i like the idea of having a young like you said because that'll take care of the young people but the experience is what we're talking about you want that experience biden that's what that's what i mean but i do think you do idea that we can do what we did with trump and bring a celebrity in and out celebrity the celebrity when has when is not having experiencing government bene qualification for being in government that is there are some things that to know how to do that's right i always say this if i had a band rock and roll band and the drummer couldn't make the gig or the jungle and i said you know what i'm tired of all these drummers that have been drumming forever and they've been in the drum business i wanna try somebody from outside i'm gonna get a plumber get behind the drums plumber and then we count in the first song what's going to happen just faster because the plumbers a plumber this is what people are talking about now insanity it's insanity it's just complete insanity but i think people are so desperately afraid that either trump could get a second god forbid.

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