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Engine field enforce emergency landing for a south western spouse west airlines flight but after listening to the cockpit recordings ntsb chairman robert somewhat says the pilots deserve a lot of credit for being able to land the plane safely pilots seemed very very calm and assured of what they were doing and so i think without getting into i haven't heard their interviews yet but as i said last night my my hat is is off to them they behaved in a manner that did their training would prepare them for many passengers are still on edge after a delta flight in route from detroit's palm beach international airport blew out a tired this morning and airport spokesperson says the pilot landed the plane safely and no one on board the plane was hurt the plan then taxied to the gate where it was surrounded by emergency vehicles as not clear how many people were on that plane a new twist for former mccomb county clerk karen springer she's appealing her removal from office with a handwritten letter to the judge and that appeals springer claimed she was denied the right to a jury trial she was ousted from office last month due to a court order where it was determined she lied about being mccollum county resident and temporary acting clerk was appointed fuel the role twentyone people have applied to become the employees to serve as county clerk until election in november the county circuit judges are scheduled to meet may seven to make that appointment wjr news time is seven oh five here's traffic first on the five with kevin o'neill thanks elizabeth in the city stalled car just cleared from the right lane northbound seventy five after schafer accident blocking the right and center lanes northbound seventy five just past out drive we're watching a wreck on the southbound south deal that's on the right shoulder joy road in redford the left shoulder blocked by an accident westbound ninety six at beech daly good news in farmington hills that wreck cleared westbound six ninety six after orchard lake road ambassador bridge fifteen minute wait time for commercial vehicles into the states tunnel looks good either way and on the blue water bridge twenty minute wait time for commercial vehicles.

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