Larry Mullen, Pat Allen and South Korea discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Bad deal netanyahu claims the deal gives iran a clear path to nuclear arsenal secretary of state mike pompeo says the united states is open to a to stay solution to the israeli palestinian conflict if both parties agree punk peyot says peace between the israelis and palestinians remains a priority of the trump administration that caravan of immigrants trying to get into the us from mexico is being held up near san diego because there is no room for them correspondent kaitlan collins has repeatedly used this caravan as a means to justify his calls to build a border wall saying that us border laws are just too lax and he was even speaking about it at that rally in michigan on saturday night saying he might shut down the government in september if he doesn't get enough money for border security enough money for that border wall preparations underway for a summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong hoon correspondent paula hancocks is in south korea hearing from the blue is that kim jong has said that he is going to close down shut down the north korean nuclear facility which is in poon gary this is the testing site where all six tests have been carried out and he said he's going to do that in may islamic state suicide bombers struck in afghanistan's capital killing at least twenty five people including nine journalists the second attack time to go after rescuers and reporters on wall street the dow is up about twenty points at this hour i'm mike moss from your breaking news station i'm pat allen this news brought to you by california closets simplify your life lukewarm chef ski is going to prison for fifteen years he's the man accused of killing cabdriver larry mullen last year mullin was found injured dismiss parking lot later died at the scene marschewski left the area but was eventually located at the dancing angled travel center off of interstate forty he pled no contest a second degree murder and under the terms of his plea deal faced fifteen years behind bars he will also have three years of probation once he is released vandals severely damaged nichols parked in a neighborhood near eighty sixth street and bridge south west over the weekend residents awoke saturday and sunday morning to find that the windshield of.

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