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White House mystery solved: Where is Macron's gifted oak tree?

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2 years ago

Yeah absolutely the temperatures are warming now we're getting some breaks of sunshine

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Were member banking is better banking i'm brian ramona spine red flag warning in effect until eight o'clock tonight for delaware and new jersey wind gusts up to thirty miles an hour today with some sunny conditions and a high of just sixty four clear tonight low forty five and sunny and much warmer tomorrow with a high of seventy degrees going to be his time one twenty four it's the mystery of the missing tree at the white house a week ago photographers snapped away as president trump and emmanuel macron planted a baby oak on the south lawn of the white house the sapling was a gift from the french president as he began his state visit but now it's disappeared with no explanation from the white house the trees sprouted at the site of nineteen eighteen battle of belleau wood were two thousand u s troops died fighting a german offensive deborah rodriguez cbs news he wanted beating his time one twenty five it is time for the business report with donna wilson from bloomberg business you went stocks are mixed way down by technology and bio tech shares the dow jones industrial average on a points to twenty four thousand three nineteen s and p five hundred down eight points nasdaq falling thirty eight but wants texas intermediate crude is up nine tenths of a percent to sixty eight seventy four a barrel sprint suffered its worst down declined almost six months rocked by fears that a proposed twenty.