Paul McCartney expected to release 17th solo album this fall


The aurora election commission has been eliminated or voters said last march they wanted the oil election commission gone judge david ackerman has issued orders closing it down the beacon news reports election related matters will now be handled by the county clerk's from the parts of town now in kane will and kendall counties including the upcoming november six election the judge did not rule on how the almost half a million dollars left for the commission should be allocated the money's in a trust for people to make claims pat cassidy newsradio one point nine fm paul mccartney is expected to release his seventeenth solo album this fall that's the song come on to me which paul mccartney has released as a double a side with the song i don't know they will appear on his new album egypt station out september seventh mccartney named the album after one of his paintings he says egypt station is a dream location that the music emanates from and each song is a different station mccartney debuted the song come on to me two weeks ago and surprise gig at a tiny club in liverpool i'm archie zaraleta police in maine were lead on a three mile low speed chase of a farm tractor the tractor apparently fled a traffic stop and police stopped the driver after he knocked over cones in a construction zone the fortyoneyearold driver allegedly got back up on the tractor and took off slowly as police followed him for miles the farm tractor was hauling large piece of machinery during the low speed chase and police say the driver is charged with failing to stop for a police officer and driving to endanger business news coming up next wbz news time nine fifty four what does your morning sounds like baby she's finally asleep.

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