New Zealand prime minister becomes 2nd world leader to give birth in office


The prime minister of new zealand and her partner had a baby today and many modern moms and dads so they have new heroes here's jonathan vaguely audie there was no press gaggle or hospital door wave just a single photo posted on instagram welcome to our village we won wrote prime minister and new mom just into our dern journey is only the second world leader in modern history to give birth while in office the first was pakistan's benazir bhutto she was driven in our own car to a public hospital and delivered her child alongside everyone else the end to a pregnancy that was extraordinary just for how ordinary was a point underscored in january when she and her partner made the announcement to media camped on their doorstep i am not the fiscal to multitask i'm not the fifth woman to work and have a baby at the time people question whether the thirtysevenyearold leader could hold down two demanding jobs some calling superhuman the one thing i'm really king though reemphasize is that i am not superwoman and nor should any woman be expected to be a superwoman we achieve what we achieve true grit to tune in and help her partner will be a stay at home dad when she returns from maternity leave in six weeks while she's away her job will be handled by the deputy prime minister before she became prime minister or pregnant are dern was asked if employers were right to ask women if they were planning to have a child it's sparked a national debate it is totally unacceptable in two thousand seventeen to say that women should have to answer that question in the workplace just into our dern has become a national folk hero a prime minister fighting for another title mom when you only the second person in the world to have a baby and office of course it's going to be of interest i don't mind that at all what i hope is that someday in the future it won't be interesting anymore jonathan vigliotti cbs news london it's pretty great that is the cbs evening news tonight i'm jeff lord can i see them all.

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