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Property seven children were also present in the home president donald trump is highlighting the plight of americans whose loved ones were killed by people who entered the country illegally cbs news special report president trump ratchets up the immigration debate introducing families he says have been permanently separated from people killed by illegal immigrants permanently separated because they were killed by criminal illegal aliens michelle wilson route lost her twenty one year old daughter sarah in two thousand sixteen and accidental caused by an immigrant here illegally now we just need to get my daughter's killer found again sarah's never coming home i never get to take a selfie with her again i have no more pictures of her from cbs news correspondent steven portnoy the president tweets that democrats have been telling phony stories of sadness and grief hoping it will help them in the elections he says he predicts a red wave in the fall and he says until it happens republicans should stop wasting their time trying to passion immigration overhaul cbs news special report i'm jim taylor other countries in the opec cartel have agreed to increase production in order to help stem the rise in global energy prices saudi energy minister halladay fella says opec members are moving ahead to raise oil output by one million barrels a day to lower crude prices not seen since their highest level in two thousand fourteen saudi arabia has faced pressure from the us and other big oil producers to cap prices before they harm the broader economy iran opposed the decision saying it appears you as president donald trump dale gavlak for cbs news amman stock higher

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