New Zealand prime minister becomes 2nd world leader to give birth in office


In the face that she got a black eye in philadelphia kathy mcveigh was that monday nights phillies game when the team's mascot the philly fanatic rolled out his hot dog launcher mcveigh was sitting near home plate and she says all of a sudden a hotdog wrapped in duct tape hit her in the face mcveigh says she couldn't swat the hot dog away because she has a shoulder injury she told wpi tv that she doesn't plan any legal action the phillies apologized to mcvay on tuesday and the team has offered her tickets to any game new zealand's prime minister is given birth to a baby girl just into our dern who's thirty seven welcomed her first child on thursday along with her partner clerk gifford are during the second world leader to give birth while in office after the late pakistan prime minister benazir bhutto who gave birth to a daughter in one thousand nine hundred ninety in an instagram post or during says she's very lucky to have a healthy baby girl and they're all doing really well l a six millioneuro loan to jordan's been promised by german chancellor angela merkel as she visits the country where mass protests over austerity measures forced the prime minister to resign earlier this month germany has now enter total of three hundred eighty four million euros to jordan which michael said she hopes will help it carry out economic reforms sought by the international monetary fund jordan continues to seek further international aid hoping to create jobs for the estimated one point two million syrian refugees claims to be currently hosting welcome to total wine and more i challenge you to our tasting showdown maybe we should just explore some wine if you can't blow me away with the wind you must admit defeat sure try this cabernet sauvignon my this is out of this world and always at the lowest price let's get this failed explore eight thousand wines and twenty five hundred beers like delicious wines that now come in canes or shop online at totalwine dot com total wine and more this election.

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