Cavaliers take Alabama point guard Collin Sexton with No. 8 pick


To the magic seven ten wingspan long in the nba this coming season nearly four blocks game a season ago all big twelve all defensive team needless to say he was with our maria taylor let's talk through being the hometown guy the first draft you ever watch was urban new jersey guy coming through and now it's the guy from harlem what does it mean the world's media comeback to the city and the right where i started everything is just surreal i mean words can't describe all right now what does the orlando magic organization told you about the role they would like for you to play on their team they want be to contribute right away i'm i'm just i'm super super happy and i just can't wait to get down there i give me a wingspan one good time stand up show it to go ahead you got to loosen up there it is orlando magic fans get used to that and now with the seventh pick in the two thousand eighteen nba draft the chicago bulls select wendell junior yes another dookie goes in the top ten this the third time to do players were drafted in the first ten selections wendel carter junior to chicago sixteen double doubles last season named all acc freshman now it's the eighth pick in the draft and it's the cleveland cavaliers who had it the two thousand eighteen nba draft the cleveland cavaliers select colin sexton jackson the highest drafted alabama players since nineteen ninetyfive helped tied to their first ncaa tournament win since two thousand six set alabama single season freshman scoring record six hundred and thirty two points and had this plea for lebron two years ago you were an unranked high school player now you're a lottery pick what does that mean it just shows omaha work paid off i'll just grind it from start at the bottom came back up onto the top thousand biggest thing just to show people what i can do make your pixel lebron james to stay in cleveland with you lebron let's do it as i see you need a few pieces pieces past season let's do let's go back to the finals doing all right lebron young bull it's called you out he wants you to stay with them in cleveland congratulations pick in the two thousand eighteen nba draft the new york knicks select kevin knox there's one for the locals nixon.

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