Portland, Anthony Davis and Blazers discussed on Rob Buska


He was great chevelle was great he's got you know obviously a lot of length and shot blocking ability and mobility i like his speed so he was great so yeah there's no reason to take them out golden state getting it done in all areas of the game one win we stick in the west game one blazers pelicans went down to the wire in portland eight rebounds for rondo dribbles were left elbow lobster space down at the right hand of anthony davis your wife hygiene kids yes indeed how you like me now the call on w r and anthony davis thirty five points fourteen rebounds clutch down the stretch rajon rondo seventeen assist new orleans holds off the blazers ninety seven to ninety five in game one in portland and he is the top seed toronto hosting washington a game one of the eighthseeded wizards play the raptors tough flowery biles for free.

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