Police: Manhunt for gunman who killed Maine deputy, stole cruiser and robbed store


I'm doug cope wbz news i we should update you on the bruins game as we'd have all night long bruins now ahead five to four in the third period it's thanks to goals from jacob roskin torey krug elsewhere red sox are in toronto as well they are leading the blue jays will have more on that later our top story new allegations against the nominee for secretary of veterans affairs colleagues alleging ronnie jackson recklessly prescribed drugs and crashed a government vehicle while he was drunk the white house defending the nomination with charges of misconduct against the president's position ronnie jackson members of congress now questioning if the president thinks jackson's up to the job of running veterans affairs he didn't think he was capable of doing the job he wouldn't have announced his nomination in the first place spokeswoman sarah sanders is dr jackson past four background checks through three presidents and they hadn't heard the new allegations till he was nominated andy field abc news washington new england live manhunt continuing for a suspect police say shot and killed a sheriff's deputy in maine stoldas cruiser then robbed a convenience store somerset county sheriff dale lancaster cruiser was located abandoned we believe that the suspect has fled on foot and and he is presently at large looking for john williams of madison maine deputy eugene cole killed on route two and norge walkman and that's about sixty miles west of bangor police out in california say dna evidence led them to a man they believe is a serial killer from the seventies and eighties joseph di angelo a former police officer now charged with at least two murders michelle cruises has sister was among the victims michelle crews says she spent much of her life living in fear now i have surveillance cameras around my house window alarms and i'm i'm never home alone so that has continued until today really and i can finally breathe again there was a lot of fear twelve year old boy in plymouth recovering from stab wounds police say they were inflicted on him by his own mother police say the boy called nine one one saying his mother attacked him he and his eleven year old sister locking themselves in a bedroom officers found the woman in a bathroom suffering from apparently self inflicted stab wounds to her neck and chest boys expected.

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