How Suicide Quietly Morphed Into a Public Health Crisis


Good morning i'm connie joe with the latest from newsradio one or two point nine k a r n a pregnant woman visiting oregon was staying in bitten at the treadmill cal angela miller injector herself with some meth and then went into labor fox exceeds price mckeon tells what happened next police say the baby who was approximately twenty four weeks gestation survive the birth but died shortly afterwards at the hospital now miller is charged with introducing a controlled substance into the body of another her baby and second degree murder after the newborn died a child killed in a drag racing incident now a dad mourns the loss of his twelve year old daughter anaya dill worth who was killed in that car crash and the driver michael scales her father admits to reckless driving with her in the car on their way to mcdonalds fox sixteen notes her dad at another driver decided to drag race in north little rock speeding sidebyside down riverfront drive last wednesday when the vehicles allied and spun out of control the shocking deaths by suicide of the famed fashion designer and a celebrity chef turned tv host this past week have people talk in the number of suicides has risen twenty five percent across the us and at arkansas the suicide rate has jumped thirty six percent the arkansas department of health says a suicide has become a public health crisis and the cdc notes that both celebrity deaths last week kate spade and anthony bourdain were by hanging over seven thousand without power yesterday afternoon after severe storms passed through friday in garland county first responders spent.

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