Woman arrested for transporting children in pet kennels, police say


Insurance for over forty years in tennessee a woman arrested over the weekend after using animal enclosures to transport two young children more for maybe see news there was no room insider vehicle memphis police say limo cheeks told them so the sixty two year old woman had two children ages seven and eight ride inside dog kennels in the back of arrests uv viral video showing her leading the children out of the pet carriers there were no air conditioning vents in the back of the vehicle and the children told police they were very hot the temperature at the time around ninety five degrees cheeks held and charged with two counts of child endangerment dave packer abc news hamilton county sheriff's deputies called to the sixty eight hundred block of samson lane and silverton last night about a possible home invasion what's on scene deputies did locate the victim and the victim was shot according to deputies two suspects forced their way into the home and shot the man who was actually able to fire several shots back at the suspects before they fled the only description of the intruders two black males the victim taken to uc medical center is current condition is unknown leaders will continue to respond to questions from.

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