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Casino the entertainment capital of the northwest next komo traffic at one thirty four the komo forecast now for the rest of the week things will look okay but in the morning a little bit gray and dreary might see some showers by the end of the weekend so for tonight clouds coming in a low of fifty five degrees tomorrow's high in the low seventies low seventies again for thursday with cloudy skies right now though start to clear out just a little bit sixty five degrees at komo news komo news time one twenty six after being hit with federal charges last week for not filing his taxes for three years baltimore's police commissioner has resigned abc's phil yakobus explains the resignation comes just five days since daryl desouza admitted he didn't file those saxes saying there was no excuse and that his personal affairs were not an order he's now charged with three misdemeanors the feds indicated in court papers they are continuing to investigate him for violations of federal law what that is they are in saying he was only on the job for less than four months in a statement the mayor says she'll now conduct a national search for his replacement phil yaacob husky abc news baltimore american airlines passengers soon won't be able to board flights with their support goats american airlines has unveiled some adjustments to their support animal policies goats are out as well as support hedgehogs insects sugar gliders snakes and other animals support animals also have to be trained to behave properly in public and to be under control at all times the policy goes into effect july the first american airlines saw forty percent jump in service or support animals from two thousand sixteen to two thousand seventeen that's mark mayfield reporting pub goers have something to cheer about due to this week's royal wedding details from abc's tom rivers in london some here like the royals there's aren't really father but just about everybody likes to hit the pump and in honor of harry and megan's big day bulbs will be staying open later than usual by a couple of hours on friday and saturday night to celebrate this kind of overtime drinking doesn't happen very often here the last time was tomorrow queens ninetieth birthday back in thousand sixteen before that it was her diamond jubilee in two thousand twelve and a year before that it was william and kate's wedding tom rivers abc news london have.

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