Remembering Frank Sinatra 20 years after his death


Well you know a lot of my radio life has been playing frank sinatra on the radio on w w and of course remember i did this of course the saturday nights sinatra show and it's twenty years believe it or not since we lost frank sinatra the music is still out there and the family led by tina sinatra has been putting out some great stuff unreleased stuff never before heard stuff this of new three cd sets called standingroomonly it's just come out three magnificent concerts rare photos thirty page booklet it's digital or it's a cd i would get the cd because you want the booklet and on the line is tina sinatra tina how you doing i'm good mark good morning how are you very good i love this i you know i actually got two copies of it because i forgot i ordered it twice from amazon i love it but it's on that standing room only at three there's a concert from the sixties the sands count basie there's a nineteen seventy four and philadelphia so far my favorite is the dallas concert eightyseven because that's got some rare stuff on things he did for years but never recorded when joanna loved me and maybe this time did you did you actually go through a lot of concerts to pick this out.

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