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And the six eighty wcbs marilyn news center at the news at four thirty one south korea's yonhap news agency says north korea's canceling a high level meeting between the two countries in his threatening also to cancel a summit with the united states do ongoing military exercises between the us and south korea the two koreas were set to hold a meeting tomorrow at a border village to discuss setting up military and red cross talks to reduce border tension and restart reunion between families separated by the korean war abortion rights groups said today that they have filed a lawsuit challenging the nation's most restrictive abortion law and i a provision that bans most abortions wants a fetal heartbeat is detected around the six week of pregnancy the american civil liberties union of iowa and planned parenthood federation of america said they filed the lawsuit israel has asked the turkish consul general in jerusalem to temporarily leave the country today the move came after the turkish foreign ministry temporarily expelled the israeli ambassador to protest the use of deadly force on the gaza border in the us decision to relocate its embassy to jerusalem a shooting at a party after a frederick high school prom resulted in frederick second fatal shooting of the year seventeen year old ian leonel davis lattimore got into an argument with another party goer and allegedly fired a gun towards the house where the post prom party was being held eighteen year old genesis marine mccarter burrito suffered a gunshot wound to the neck and was later pronounced dead a thirteen year old boy living at the home was treated for non fatal gunshot wound to his calf policing neither was davis lattimore is intended targets ninety degrees for thirty two i'm michael philip kelly six eighty wcbs news from the fox business network the dow snapping its eighth session winning streak over investors concerns about higher interest rates and trade the dow closing down one hundred ninety three points nasdaq down sixty s and p five hundred down nineteen at a time of widespread hunger in the country that kellogg company is closing operations in venezuela as a result of continued economic deterioration the maker of frosted flakes rice krispies did not specify what led it to pull out of venezuela but said none of its products should be commercialized there without its permission and target is catering to men who want to.

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