Canada, Senate Foreign Relations Committee and United States discussed on 24 Hour News


The summit in singapore deal happens here g seven summit city canada is dead newsradio nine fifty w w j news on newsradio nine fifty w w i'm russ mcnamara good evening these are our top stories at eleven fifty two canada's foreign minister met with members of the senate foreign relations committee wednesday after the trump administration slap tariffs on canadian steel and aluminum krista free tariffs are absurd the notion that canadian stealing aluminum could pose a national security threat to the united states i think americans understand it simply not the case cana is issuing retaliatory tariffs affected july first tariffs would affect michigan more than any other state hundreds of people took part individual tonight at walled lake western high school for fourteen year old justin lee was killed in a hit and run crash earlier this week goten at the year smith away this is sound bites and i'm johns if so how are you coming with those new year's resolutions because in case you haven't noticed twenty eight teams not.

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