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Rescue equipment to successfully extricate them from the car no word on the condition of the two riders who fell but they were conscious when they were taken to the hospital the investigator general's report detailing errors made by the fbi leading up to the two thousand sixteen election calls former fbi director james comey quote end subordinate admonishing him for disclosing information related to the hillary clinton investigation report did find komi use a personal email account to conduct unclassified fbi business that fact was not lost on hillary clinton she tweeted sarcastically but my emails she believes that komi costs her this election abc's pierre thomas reporting the white house is firing back at the new york state attorney general's office accusing it of political bias after the state filed a lawsuit against the trump foundation now the suit accuses president trump and members of his family of using the foundation for business and political purposes and the president said that it was the disciples of eric schneiderman who ended up bringing this on behalf of the democrats it's barbara underwood who's been a career type of prosecutor and she is the one bringing this and in fact she pushed back on this notion that this is just schneiderman works he said this is not some sali's political trick she said this is a lawsuit alleging violations of charities law in in new york state and it's nothing more than that abc's aaron katersky brent blakely michael cohen's lawyer the stormy daniels case has filed a motion for a restraining order to stop daniels lawyer michael luvin ati from communicating with the press and or public regarding the merits of the case in the motion bakery says mr evans on a publicity tour this is abc news koa newsradio time is twelve oh two one person has been arrested in connection to a shooting in westminster on thursday afternoon that left one child dead and the woman and child with critical injuries the man injured in the shooting expected to survive the shooting happened near eightieth and sheridan in westminster just after three o'clock no lie gant was next door working in a kitchen at rusty's and i can hear the gentleman told the police officer that was a younger gentleman that was shot multiple rounds he had been hit multiple times houston daughter was it sounded like.

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