Anti-Trump FBI Agent Peter Strzok escorted out of bureau headquarters, still employed: Lawyer


Us out of the un human rights council which he considers to be an anti israel organization via skype human rights watches john sifting the un human rights council does a lot of good there have been special mechanisms created by to address human rights situations in north korea south sudan syria we've learned that fbi agent peter struck was escorted out of the bureau as awaits possible disciplinary action over text messages critical of president trump cbs's paula reed has more struck was reassigned to human resources department at the fbi where he is still technically employed his attorney told me that struck still believes there is a chance he could go back to work at the fbi after this disciplinary process wraps up resort casual that was the dress code for a four day event at a posh south carolina resort where lobbyists and even some companies under investigation paid one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars to get face to face access to some state attorneys general cbs's nancy cortes looks at the questionable but technically legal relationship on kiawah island in south carolina we spotted republican state attorneys general taking the kind of luxury trip most americans can't afford all courtesy of corporate donors at kia we saw at least nine state agee's rubbing shoulders with representatives from coke industries big tobacco payday lenders and the nra officials in richmond virginia are renaming the city's only school that bears the name of a confederate general to honor the nation's first black president cbs's jim krasula school board members in what was the capital of the confederacy have voted to change the name of a school named it honor of a confederate general jeb stuart elementary school will be renamed barack obama elementary school the board estimates it will cost about twenty six thousand dollars to change.

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