She says she was 5 when another Jehovah's Witness raped her. The religion's leaders call such accounts 'false stories'


Yep a sell out twice well we'll see i'm sure there'll be more said about that but it doesn't it doesn't take much people could say all this and that but yet they still they still go twenty seven minutes after the hour of five o'clock by the way if any of you have any comments at all it's your program one eight eight eight five seven four two seven two three a you early risers boy teddy you've been active you have been active lately the old phones were were charged up yesterday morning and again we'll see we'll see what what goes on the this morning but the big the big story and it doesn't surprise me the latin kings are back if you did hear this when i came on heavily armed police officers a targeted drug dealing gang members the latin kings and you know i remember when the latin kings were arrested how long ago was this it was time and time again well they can never they can never disappear can they they can never get him it's continual crime with the latin kings fbi's northern connecticut violent crimes gang task force has been added in hartford and east hartford and the state police are involved as well so it's going to be interesting to see just how long this lasts but there's oh there's no question i think you'll all agree that we have a huge huge drug problem in the state of connecticut but not only the state of connecticut other states massachusetts is another one and drugs everywhere drugs everywhere yup nine suspected members and associates of the latin king were arrested all right it's coming up to five thirty in the morning one eight five seven four two seven two three and it is a wednesday already fox news radio i'm.

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