Lawyer says Trump was told of abuse accusations against Eric Schneiderman 5 years ago


New york attorney general eric schneiderman under investigation for allegedly hitting and choking women he dated back in two thousand thirteen eric schneiderman sued trump university for fraud donald trump wrote then on twitter that the state attorney general was worse than eliot spitzer anthony weiner that he might be gone next well it turns out trump may have known then about the allegations that came to light this week attorney peter gleason asked a judge to seal the record seized from trump attorney michael cohen's office because they may contain information about some of the women who levelled allegations against schneiderman he said that in two thousand thirteen he told a retired new york post columnist about their stories the columnist apparently told trump about it because soon after gleason got a call from trump lawyer michael cohen steve kastenbaum new york stevie wonder called out kanye west for saying slavery is a choice calling the idea foolishness and likening it to holocaust denial barbara kusak when you're hiring you don't want to sort through dozens of irrelevant resumes you wanted efficient way to get.

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