Georgia officer resigns after dragging black woman, 65, from car


Texas bore texassuperfood dot com new the story of an older black woman white georgia police officer during a traffic stop over the weekend a police officer james legge violently pulls sixty five year old lift driver rose campbell out of her car and ross her up during a traffic stop panicked it was like my heart exploited the reason for the stop an officer says she drifted out of her lane now in a recorded video statement public safety director john robinson says concerns though so he suspended leg and now that officer has resigned but that hasn't stopped the georgia bureau of investigation which is now investigating the whole thing pete combs abc news atlanta pharmacies of us aid secretary of state mike pompeo says the us wants to have with korea as a close partner nada sworn enemy after meeting kim german for a second time pompeo says the two had a warm conversation gray offered american help for with korea ends its nuclear program if north korea takes bold action to quickly denuclearize the united states is prepared to work with north korea to achieve prosperity on the par with our south korean friends she said that you countries are now in quote complete agreement on the objectives for president trump summit with kim which is set for june twelfth in singapore connor finnegan abc news the state department and trump is instructing his administration to explore negotiations with california on achieving a single fuel economy standard for the nation it happened during a meeting with auto industry.

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