North Carolina officials, Waffle House defend controversial arrest


Contraction of power in the hands of too few the administration has maintained that trump had no influence on the decision tonight sarah sanders releasing a statement saying that apartment of justice denied the merger giuliani walking back those comments telling cnn the president told him directly he didn't interfere interior joins us live from the white house now to rudy giuliani also pushing back on the notion that the president's former personal attorney michael cohen actually lobbied the president on behalf of the companies that paid him that's right tom giuliani told the huffington post at the president had no idea that michael cohen was accepting payments for various companies for insight on the white house at and t paid him six hundred thousand dollars alone he accepted a total of four million dollars from various companies tom terry pull mary at the white house tonight for us tara thank you next new details about that violent confrontation at a waffle house in north carolina the fbi now involved a police officer appearing to choke and then take down a customer before placing him under arrest tonight several investigations are underway as that customer speaks out about what happened before the officer arrived here's abc's area rush chef how tonight the fbi joining the investigation into this incident at north carolina waffle house cell phone video showing an officer holding twenty two year old anthony wall by the throat wall seen earlier in the night yelling at waffle house staff angry over the service police asking witnesses for video to connect these tense moments tonight waffle house telling abc news we believe there is more to these stories than the short videos that have been posted might suggest while says it started when one of the employee's refused to serve their party after they sat at a table that hadn't been cleaned stop.

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