Malaysia bars scandal-ridden ex-leader from leaving country


Me the week when argentina woo the imf when peaceful revolution brought new leadership when also be looking at the link between your favorite ice cream and illegal traffickers in tropical hardwood trade was also used to launder money from trafficking of raw wood and a new job at ninety two how malaysia's new old leader returned to office all that after this hello this is david austin with the bbc news malaysia former prime minister najib razak has been banned from leaving the country after his shock defeat in the country's general election last week mr jeep who's been implicated in a corruption scandal had said he wanted to short holiday after the campaign and was booked onto a flight to indonesia michael bristow is our asia pacific editor corruption scandal actually originates in malaysia and has ac sets up a phone call one md be in order to sort of green vestment and that's what he said to malaysia and fund all kinds of projects the americans quite dramatically said that actually about four billion dollars worth of that fund at gone missing and it implicated najib razak in that scandal separately he's also been accused of having about seven hundred million us dollars in his bank account he said it was the saudi royal family the executive director of the world food program has called on.

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