Lindsey Baum case: Remains found by hunters in 2017 ID'd as long-missing Wash. girl



Illinois until it can be brought back to washington to face charges komo news time is now four thirty eight authorities in northern california say a resident found human remains inside a girl shoe and a pair of jeans on a beach about one mile north of where clarke county woman drove her family's suv off a cliff the local sheriff's department says the crew was a searching the area and westport california where the remains were found on wednesday human remains found by hunters last year in eastern washington identified as those of ten year old ten year old mccleary girl missing since two thousand nine yesterday grace harbor county sheriff rick scott said the remains of lindsey bomb were identified using dna the mccleary community center was filled as people turned out to hear the latest on the investigation and komo's suzanne fawn has their reaction michelle aim struggles to hold back tears following a heartbreaking announcement brought lindsay home we've recovered her aims helped set up the command center and helped with the search nearly ten years ago when lindsey baum disappeared saddened devastating that we didn't bring her home the way we all hoped for many the news was tough to hear it was difficult to hear this this was really shocked for a small close knit community that searched extensively for bomb and held out hope for her safe return news that her body has finally been found means some relief closer finally and ten years that's komo's suzanne phan reporting that case is now a kidnapping and murder investigation komo news time is now four thirty nine an attempt to bring the orca called lolita back home puget sound is underway come ozmet mark of it says the lemme nation started a thirteen day totem journey yesterday.

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