Mattis arrives in China; NKorea to be key topic of meetings


Three fifteen on the two packs special order now secretary of defense james mattis is making another trip to the indo pacific region but this one includes a visit to china john clemens has more at visiting tutor for an air force bases in alaska mr mattis will be visiting china or the pentagon tells us will be meeting with several senior officials to exchange to gic perspectives while disgusting areas of mutual concern this was the first visit of a secretary of defense to china since two thousand fourteen then travels to south korea then concludes his trip june twentyninth in tokyo for usa radio news i'm john clemens a famous comedian has an emotional breakdown well issuing another apology for something that she tweeted and usa's chris barnes has the story i regret the are you kidding i've lost everything that's roseanne barr expressing regret as she breaks down during a podcast interview over the weekend over the racist tweet she sent out last month which led to the cancellation of her roseanne reboot by abc and i regretted it before i lost everything and i said to god i am willing to accept whatever consequences free bar saying she's lost everything and.

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