Eighth arrest in fatal stabbing of Bronx teen outside bodega


Live donovan headquarters on staten island wins news time ten oh four another key race is in south carolina where governor henry mcmaster a trump supporter who is endorsed by president trump mcmaster has defeated wealthy businessman john warren mcmaster became governor when nikki haley gave up the post to become u s ambassador to the un in maryland senator ben cardin wins the democratic nomination defeating among others convicted leaker chelsea manning but the headline of this hour is right here in new york where democratic incumbent congressman joe crowley has been defeated in the democratic primary by twenty eight year old alexandria cortes a former aide to the late senator ted kennedy and on staten island it's dan donovan over michael grimm a victory by an ex prosecutor over an excon stay with ten ten wins we have a lot more coming in will results will pass them on as soon as we get him here on ten ten wins wins news time ten oh five the rent guidelines board held a final vote tonight on rent stabilized apartments rents will go up it's not as much as landlords witch guidelines toward approving one and a half percent to a one year lease two and a half on a two year lease veto cigna really represents the landlords they have been on their compensated but never to this degree when property taxes go up water and sewer rates go up owners to be compensated properly for their increase crimen says it makes it hard to stay in his chelsea apartment were under tremendous pressure landlord the increases affects some one million rent stabilized apartments and they kick in with lisa's renewed in october now jones ten ten wins at the rent guidelines board meeting at cooper union the natural resources defense council is suing the city of newark over lead levels in drinking water the sued says the city did not adequately monitor intesa water system that had quote dangerously high lead levels the city responded with a statement calling the allegations quote outrageously false and mischaracterization of the facts an eighth suspect has been arrested in connection with the stabbing death of a fifteen year old outside of a bodega in the trauma section of the bronx six suspects in new jersey has waived extradition and have agreed to be returned to new york city twentyfouryearold santiago rodriguez the oldest of the defendants the youngest is a team through an interpreter he told judge ernest casella that he understood that he'd be returning to the bronx misspellings my understanding tradition that's attorney judy fallon who says there have been threats on social media against the defendants families this is terrible terrible case just ask that people let the system run its course the next step in the course is their appearance before a bronx judge julia papa ten ten wins in paterson turn turn wins accuweather four day forecast partly cloudy comfortable overnight low.

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