US child fires gun found in couch at Ikea


North of indianapolis indiana a child fines and fires a gun at an eye kia home furnishing store it was a loaded handgun found in a couch and suburban indianapolis a child found the firearm and the ikea's sofas cushions but fischer's police say no one was injured when a gunshot rang out monday afternoon sergeant tom wagner says the handguns owner wasn't aware the weapon dropped from his pants when he earlier sat on the sofa you know you need to make sure that if you're going to carry a firearm that you keep it under your control at all times says the hamilton county prosecutor's office will decide whether to file any criminal charges i says it has a no weapons policy for its stores that it's cooperating with police i'm joe ramsey a shortage of carbon dioxide in europe is hitting food processing companies slaughterhouses use the gas to stun animals before slaughter the shortage is.

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