Uber ban reversed in London


The media to sports to marriage attorney michael avenue who represents porn star stormy daniels in lawsuits about an alleged affair with president trump says he was approached to be a guest on the inaugural episode avenue ati wrote on twitter that he's declined the ride hailing app uber's argument should be allowed to drive in the streets of london telling a court it's made significant changes since a regulatory few student you the companies operating license last yeah last ruling found is not a fit and proper company after repeated lapses in corporate responsibility including drive a vetting practices the way it reports criminal offenses and its use of technology which allegedly was helping the company evade law enforcement who've is attorney says the ruling is led to changes for the better with a company and three government inspection showing a perfect record of compliance a magistrate will now be ruling with uber will be able to hold a license the ugliest dog in the world is a nine year old english bulldog named josh she was named the winner of the twenty eighteen world's ugliest dog contest at the sonoma's aaron fairgrounds in petaluma the dog's owner megan brainerd of nokia minnesota will receive fifteen hundred dollars for josh how's win she says she found josh online on a pet finding site the contest is in its thirtieth th year it's usually held on friday nights but organizers moved the competition to saturday this year in an effort to draw a bigger audience hi i'm megan crane ap digital manager and host of the podcast ground game i look at the top political issues bubbling up around the country head of this year's midterm elections it's available on apple podcasts and podcast one while you're there be sure to subscribe rate and review it that's the podcast ground game ap radio news i'm ed donahue supreme court is upholding president trump's travel ban involving seven mostly muslim countries president trump says it's a tremendous victory for this country and for the constitution at the white house today the president spoke about that decision the vote in the supreme court was five to four to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure at a minimum we have to make sure that we vet people coming into the country we know who's coming in we know where they're coming from on immigration the president says other countries are toughening up immigration policies he brought up one of his campaign promises you know you in the walls yeah ports of entry you have ports of entry that's what people come through and they can come through legally the president says he doesn't want to keep people out i want people to come into our country because our country's doing so well and we have companies moving into our country like at numbers that nobody's seen in a long time we need workers back to the supreme court decision the first muslim elected to congress minnesota's keith ellison says the supreme court ruling upholding the president's ban on travel from seven mostly muslim countries is unjust and will someday serve as a marker of shame president trump is denying his trade policy is responsible for harley davidsons decision to move some motorcycle production overseas harley davidson is using that as an excuse and i don't like that because i've been very good to harley davidson the president says he's making other he's getting other countries to reduce and eliminate tariffs and trade barriers and open up closed markets the supreme court effectively put an end today to california's law that forces antiabortion crisis pregnancy centers to provide information about abortion a london court gave ridesharing firm uber a shorter than usual license to keep operating in the capital and accepting the firm's claim it has changed its policies this is ap radio news barry gibb of the bee gees has been made a knight barry gibbs says he would not have received a knighthood if it weren't for his late brother's morrison robin he says they ought to be nights to prince charles bestowed the honour upon give at buckingham palace so what does the princeton a pop star talk about during a night adding intel's britain's itn the small talk was simple mainly about knees because.

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