Prince William begins historic first royal tour of Israel


Same time he will have the power to issue all kinds of decrees apart from the wall which affect human rights topics so he will be able to implement many lost that he wanted as fast as he wants and also he gave the promise of lifting the state of emergency right after the election he said this will be one of my priorities so we will see if he holds these promises or not i am from turkish service prince william the second in line to the british throne is currently on a tour of the middle east becoming the first royal to make an official visit to israel and the palestinian territories he will meet israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu later today and palestinian president mahmoud abbas later in the week becomes amid a rise in tensions between the two sides a middle east correspondent nell reports this is jaffa gate one of the entrances to jerusalem's old city watching the flow of foreign pilgrims tourists heading into see the holy sites taking in the history it's remarkable to think that a british royal hasn't come in decades on an official trip here israel's former ambassador to the u k run process says this being an unofficial boycott it's interesting that took care majesty only twenty years to visit germany after world war two and seventy years for a member of the royal family to visit israel we all know that members of the house of windsor visited our region countries that not exactly jeffersonian democracies around us so there was no reason not to have a visit but right now presents royals off particularly popular following last month's wedding of prince harry and meghan markle like many locals britishisraeli linda lipchitz is pleased about prince william's arrival i'm very excited an heir to the throne but being princess diana's son i think israel is really love him obviously everybody would like to see that have been in you baby it wouldn't be expected on his solo trip the prince will watch jewish and arab israeli children playing football but political differences here on always so easy to overcome israeli politicians are criticizing his schedule for presenting jerusalem's old city as part of the occupied palestinian territories israel captured the east of the city in the nineteen sixty seven war and later annexed it in a move that's not internationally recognized it sees all the city as its capital but palestinians want east jerusalem as their capital palestinian official hanan ashrawi says the palace is using the right descriptions the only country that has violated international law openly admitted to roussel as the capital of israel is the us is trump the uk has not changed its position at still considers to salama's occupied territory you cannot expect the royal visit to come and become complicit and land theft and the legal annexation.

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