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How many times did you brief Donald Trump as a officially tells you just briefed him once Trump Tower on six January. When we briefed out the intelligence community suspect we, of course, appointed briefing teams briefing team to brief both candidates which in health and that happened that happened once in August, they all get like to say about three times a month. I. Because by design. My deputy, I stayed completely out of it. As political appointees. So we had only professionals running it and we did, you know it was going to be an each report. A generally Boise taught about Russian. We pretty much gave autonomy to the to the senior officer that was doing this and we had complete trust in in him too. I'm curious is you know, one of one of the president's new criticisms is how come anybody didn't give me a heads up about Paul Manafort. I'm like, wow, I can introduce you to Lexis Nexis on him, but I'm gonna set that aside. But they were warned of Russia's interference in their briefings. Correct. I mean on that front, maybe Manafort specifically is a separate issue, and we, we go to that and whether there. I think is early as September of sixteen. I may be wrong maybe earlier, but certainly by September, the non nominee Trump will had was was it has was being briefed on on the threat posed by Russian interference call. Recall concerns about what to include in that report. If you at this time, if there's certainly there was some skepticism about the Trump campaign and Russia at that moment in time was the data ever seep into what got put into the Intel report. On the contrary, we didn't have anything in there about even suggesting collusion because we know if that's what your question is no evidence that time we had no smoking gun evidence that would qualify. We had, you know, as I, the phrase I've used before dashboard warning light was certainly on simply Cajun by what we did know about the frequency of meetings that various members of the Trump camp, whether in the campaign or out we're having with all people are primary adversary the Russians which bothered a lot of us. But again, didn't have much in the way of specific content of what was going on in these meetings. And we certainly didn't know. Anything contemporary sleep, but the famous meeting at Trump Tower in June. When I've traveled to Russia an official business meeting covering the president, I'm always warned one by Bennie, hey, you're probably watching. They might go through your room. They might do these things and I've, I'm where I stayed in hotel. They certainly they was clear. They went through my room. So as Americans on semi-official business, we know they're watching do rush, are we watching most Russian operatives that are in this country, whether they know it or not, we do our best, but I will tell you that's a challenge has been a challenge. The is the primary organization that is responsible for surveilling and tracking Russians that they're here. And the problem is just about any Russian who comes here is going to have some kind of connection with with the Russian government, whether they are business also may businesses are so intertwined with the rushing. Exactly. Yeah. So. You know, the state is omnipresent, so that makes it even more difficult. I mean, there's one thing to track a fish, Russian to her a official members of the of the missing mission here, and you have to consider at least I do virtually all of them is intelligence operatives to one degree or another to include the ambassador. I

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