Steve Kerr, Damian Jones and Jordan Bella discussed on Todd Huff Radio


The ascension in fact they had a hot mic on steve kerr at the end of the game and he put his arm around damian jones and said that to him he said next year is your year so i think that is what i'd like to see a little bit more of i'd like to see damian jones and jordan bella i want to see a lot of jordan bella next you and we will he made his mark on this series and really he was making his mark on the regular season and tell that injury that injury really derailed his rookie season you know the warriors had so much death where it wasn't like they were sitting around you know counting the days till he came back was just when he came back he had to reintegrate himself kind of rededicate himself and you know that was a blow for a young cat coming through his first year in the nba because he was already making some noise on a warriors team as a rookie that already one two nba titles and clearly he had a role on this team and in the playoffs we saw him step up into meaningful moments and i love jordan bells game yeah he got a lot of experience in this final series two and with igwe doll out against the rockets he got a lot of playing time there so i think that's gonna irv.

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