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Provider of the san francisco giants dignity health hey not bad found vr tonight's show with your host ryan kobe scurrying to the front door ridden by george hill extending offensively dow does to his left off the switch bags along can't give various liberally from thirty eight third three pointer the half seventeen for curry spider time in four years baby and it's a special place the bay area warriors sixteen and five in this playoff run ninth final sweep and league history check this out during this run under steve kerr with a big assist to his assistance of course what luke walton was able to do and then mike brown when he stepped in for last year in the playoffs during this warriors playoff run the last four years of course it's sixty three wins you'd like it to be sixty four because that would mean they got sixteen wins four times and they would have won four sorry spider rip that off there for you can we stop going back to the seventy three one night ryan we can't because they should be celebrating foreign up you're right though i'm just giving some historical context right i really should be yeah you're right sixty three and twenty though spider the last four postseasons that's pretty good that's an nba season right there i mean sixty two and twenty s an nba season that's sixty win season in the nba playoffs like are you kidding me i think it helps when you go sixteen and one in route to a title like they did last year they were so dominant last year and this year i'm not gonna say last year it meant any less they were on a mission last year i'm not allowed to say why they are on a mission last year spider but they were on a mission last year okay and this year it was just the rest of the nba is throwing their best punch adam every night definitely some injury troubles this year they overcame quite a few things but it's kind of a tricky thing when the.

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