Bryan Colangelo steps down as 76ers president in wake of probe into alleged Twitter accounts

The Starters


Taking it out with bron james defender on the ball greens going to pop out and this is a man download that's getting ready to sneak up and said a backpack and griff what happens right here this creates an indecision points for the defense and by that i'm any point where they make the wrong decision it creates a trigger where both lebron jr go to the same manned leading kevin durant wide open it's basket finals phil room for game three is tonight at nine pm eastern on nba tv checked out to all right we had some news today bryan colangelo time with the philadelphia seventy sixers come to an end earlier today the sixers released a statement saying that colangelo has resigned as team president colangelo is wife barbara admitted to being being being behind those revealing twitter accounts but an investigation showed that colangelo himself was reckless with sensitive team information colangelo denies that but he is gone it is by this no not now it's enter the nba world twitter is taken down someone in roy and a front office executive in a respected one at that it's just surprising first and foremost but after having linger for so long it feels like that was their only real out yet i had to move on i think from brian glandular even if he didn't as he says deliberately leaked information to his.

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