Bryan Colangelo out as Philadelphia 76ers team president after probe of Twitter accounts


A safety committee and hire more counselors a seventeen year old student charged with capital murder remains behind bars without bail and the school resource officer who was shot confronting the gunman discharged from the hospital wednesday lilian woo fox news officials at yellowstone national park reminding the public that animals there are wild and unpredictable no matter how calm they appear to be this after a crowd got to close to a bowl bison yesterday and it charged that crowd one tourist a fifty nine year old california woman was gored the second yellowstone visitor injured by a bison this year the philadelphia seventy sixers have lost their team president over a twitter scandal seventy sixers organization says it's accepted bryan colangelo resignation has president of basketball operations after the team launched an independent investigation into burner twitter accounts and allegations that colangelo use the accounts to anonymously trash some of his own players and fellow seventy sixers exects team says that colangelo offered his resignation recognizing the mental impact the matter has had on the organization the seventy sixers say head coach brett brown will oversee basketball operations son an interim basis jeff monosso fox news.

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