Paris knife attacker was born in Chechnya, appeared in radicalism database


All of new england wbz news time to eighteen fifty five degrees mostly cloudy in boston top stories now stories of heartache and hope at today's mother's day walk for peace families marched from dorchester to city hall plaza to raise money an advocate against gun violence suicide and other issues that tear families apart israeli military says it has increased forces along the gaza border and drop leaflets into the gaza strip urging residents to keep calm during largescale protests expected tomorrow the demonstrations coincide with the new us embassy opening in jerusalem more people are preparing to evacuate hawaii's big island as scientists warned of a possible steam explosion at the killer way of all keno that could send rocks the size of refrigerators miles into the air wbz news time to nineteen it's an unbelievable incident at a daycare center in arkansas as abc's linda lopez reports it appears a young boy was hit by rocks tiled services and police officers are investigating after seeing a video that appears to show a teacher ordering other children to throw rocks at a four year old boy to punish the boy for throwing rocks on the ground children can be seen in the video surrounding the boy who appears to be crying out in pain local parents are outraged people are paying you the west bank he is in his child is getting rocks at him the owner of the daycare reportedly blamed the allegations on a former teacher linda lopez abc news wbz news time to twenty a third person has been detained following yesterday's deadly knife attack in paris one person was killed for others wounded and isis is claiming responsibility as cbs's elaine cobb reports from paris the suspect didn't have an arrest record but authorities had been keeping tabs on official say the attacker was a twenty one year old man born in chechnya and naturalized french his name had been flagged on a terror watch list but he had never been in trouble with the police one person was killed in the attack officials say the four injured are out of danger chechen authorities identified the suspect as kazan asimov his parents.

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