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The nba cleveland's george hill excuse practice saturday and for good reason he received his decree from up i as the cavaliers teammates got him one last workout prior to today's game one against the seas il took part in graduation ceremonies at the school in indianapolis he was one of two students speakers to address the new graduates the celtics hoping they can graduate from lebron since game six of the east finals in two thousand twelve when lbj scored forty five teams have won the last six playoff games in boston brad stevens on getting his players ready for the moment against the lbj are you guys understand young healthy guys continue buying trading for guys that are team guys that are tough that'll that'll work to get better every day you know and i think that that helps when obviously helps but it helps when you lose guys because it's you know they really do have a great mentality of volume the next guy and the expectation is that personal play is going up against the on fm joel care the celtics team with the bronx anytime you play in the playoffs against great players but everybody's a little bit different janas obviously transition lay it in four steps the length of the court is ridiculous force of which he drives his like lebron lebron shoot right now too ridiculous rate long twos and threes and you guys like presents unique challenges in themselves but you know again everybody's a little bit lebron was considered the best hurry because he does all of that stuff.

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