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I think the only presidents recently not to have ever and sex have been reagan and probably jimmy carter who still less than in his heart when some rabbit chased him in a pond so i don't know i know his policies work whether it's north korea south korea whether it's what's going on in syria in israel in iran what's going on in the german and the french and the english relations are pretty good china seems to be working federal judges a plus so i don't care about a seventy one year man's sexuality twelve years ago the media wants to make this about a porn star i wanna make it about federal judges i love the guys policies don't care much for his peccadilloes i didn't elect him because he is particularly moral i i hope to get him elected again because his policies work plus continue by the way on twitter if you wanna follow me you want a friend me it's at willie seven hundred w l w at willie w i l l e numerically seven hundred w l w friendly there and let's communicate with each other plus continue with more forty five minutes after the hour phil cunningham the great american live with you every sunday night.

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