Many oppose new Census citizenship query


Their children are being ripped away from them kennedy joined labor activists dolores huerta announcing a twenty four a day hunger strike in support of separated families she says forty one members of the extended kennedy family have agreed to fast for twenty four hours and then pass passed along to other people trump administration meanwhile says it has reunited more than five hundred migrant children with their families and those the location of all of the others who remain in its custody the department of homeland security released a fact sheet last night in the face of criticism at the administration does not have a system in place results from today's elections in turkey expected to begin coming in later today turks voting for a new president register tie up eric von seeking a new fiveyear term impairs peter kenyon reports voters also choosing a new parliament strongest challenges coming from moharram engine candidate for turkey's main secular party air on sounded confident of victory at his final campaign rally engine meanwhile has promised to camp out at turkey these election headquarters to ensure a proper vote count these elections will usher in a new governing system for turkey with the prime minister's job disappearing and executive powers transferring to the president a coalition of four opposition parties is formed in hopes of keeping air to one's ruling ak party from retaining a clear majority in parliament opinion polls not always reliable in turkey generally have air to one in front but not necessarily by a wide enough margin to avoid a second round runoff with ngo peter kenyon npr news assembled ahead of the us census bureau says the agency is expecting some people to skip the controversial new citizens question on forum so the upcoming twenty twenty cents as npr's hansi lo wong reports refusing to answer a census question or giving a false answer intentionally can lead to a fine although the government has rarely enforced policy speaking phoenix arizona to the national association of latino elected and appointed officials the acting director of the census bureau ron jarman explained the agency may not have enough resources to follow up with every household that skips the citizenship question of the questionnaires incomplete or has some odd answers in it we don't follow up on all of those cases but in some cases we will follow up on the bureau he's trying to get access to citizenship information from existing records from us citizenship in immigration services the social security administration and the state department ozzy luang npr news phoenix arizona and you're listening to npr news the vatican has convicted one of its diplomats to the us for viewing and sharing child pornography christopher live say reports this is the first time a papal diplomat has been convicted by vatican court for such crimes that it can tribunal immediately sentence monsignor carlo capella to five years in prison and issued a five thousand euro fine for sending and receiving child pornography during his trial the priests confessed to engaging in one on one chats and the blogging site tumbler while stationed in washington dc the united states had asked the vatican drop capellas diplomatic immunity in order to prosecute him in the us the vatican refused the trial inside the city state walls was seen as a test of the catholic church is transparency amid successive priest sexabuse scandals around the globe pope francis recently apologized for his handling of widespread abuse in chile and spoke of a culture of abuse and cover up for npr news i'm christopher lives say in rome any theo pius health minister says a second person has died after yesterday's explosion at a rally in the capital for the new prime minister abiotic met the health minister posted a tweet today sending his condolences to the victims family into all ethiopians witnesses say a man tried to throw a grenade scores of others were wounded in zimbabwe the source of an explosion at a rally for president emmerson managua remains unclear mnangagwa's gaped on harmed he says he was inches from the blast but that it is not his time symboblic is preparing to hold the country's first elections since the ouster of robert mugabe they are to be held at the end of next month i'm trial snyder npr news from washington.

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